Glenn Mendoza, MD 2015 Conference Keynote Address

Keynote Address by Glenn Mendoza, MD, MPH before 1st Pranic Healing Research & Development Conference

It has been said that early in the 17th century two astronomers competed to describe the nature of our solar system. 

Galileo built a telescope and found new planets and moons. Francesco Sizi ridiculed Galileo saying there must be only seven planets. After all, there are seven windows in the head—two nostrils, two ears, two eyes, and a mouth. There are seven known metals. There are seven days in a week named after seven known planets. If we increase the number of planets, he said, the whole system falls apart. Finally, Sizi claimed that because Galileo’s discoveries were invisible to the eye, they must have no influence on the Earth and do not exist. 

Sizi’s most valuable contribution to history may have been to remind us that true understandings of the world, and how it works, cannot be based on pure thought alone, no matter how logical, creative or contemporary such thought may seem. True understandings require some measure of science and the willingness to seek information when making decisions.

This is very similar to Pranic Healing where we cannot measure the energy we call prana with thought alone. Up until now, Pranic Healing has been a conceptual model, practiced by fervent Pranic Healers throughout the world.  While the positive effects and outcomes of Pranic Healing are well known to Pranic Healers and a growing number of people in the general public, there has been a paucity of empirical evidence and published research demonstrating the scientific value of Pranic Healing as a complimentary therapy for health and well-being.

Today, over the next 8 hours, I am very proud and honored to share research studies, clinical practices, and educational applications that have proven Pranic Healing to be successful in

  • Improving health and clinical outcomes such as pain relief
  • Decreasing the length of hospital stay
  • Decreasing blood loss during surgery
  • Improving outcomes related to smoking addiction and in the treatment of obesity

Emerging studies demonstrate that Pranic Healing, particularly Meditation on Twin Hearts, affects psycho- social and emotional outcomes, such as decreasing stress levels and increasing happiness. Quantitative measures using EEG or brain waves have also demonstrated positive relationship and efficacy when practicing Meditation on Twin Hearts.

Today, you will also hear about the impact of Pranic Healing in educational, hospital, and medical practice settings. Studies have been aimed at understanding Pranic Healing's impact on student’s learnings at all levels, including elementary, high school, university, and at the post doctorate level particularly with the incorporation of SuperBrain Yoga. Research will also be presented showing Pranic Healing’s presence in hospitals used by nurses and physicians, as well as in the agricultural sector. 

I would like to restate the purpose of the Pranic Healing Research and Development Conference which is to encourage scientific research in a wide variety of fields involving Pranic Healing.  Our presence here today, whether you are aware of it or not is to inspire and create a tsunami of scientists, physicians and researchers globally focus on advancing Pranic Healing research.