Biofield and EEG Changes from Divine Healing

Presenters: Neus Raines, PhD – San Diego, California USA

Objective: To measure the EEG analysis and Bioviewer photography during application of Divine Healing.

Study Discussion/Design: Observed the EEG analysis and Biofield Viewer effects before, during, and after a Divine Healing. Divine Healing is defined as conferring or transfer of “spiritual energy” upon a person by a teacher. 

Conclusions/Results: During the baseline EEG recordings, it is observed that the subject’s EEG activity is largely within the average range (green) across all bands (e.g. delta, that, etc.). There are relatively few coherence patterns outside of the expected range with some theta hyper coherence in frontal areas being the most dominant pattern. 

While the subject was receiving the healing (approximately one minute), the following was observed: There was dramatic increase in both fast (beta, high beta) and slow (delta) activity.  This activity is predominant in the frontal and occipital regions of the brain.  The subject’s coherence pattern changes dramatically, mostly in the fast and slow EEG patterns.  In the delta range, there was a great deal of hypocoherence globally, with a focus on frontal regions.  The fast activity also revealed global hypocoherence, but with a focus in occipital regions. 

After the healing, the following was observed: The subject’s brain slowly began to return to baseline condition.  There continued to be significant increases in both delta, beta, and high beta in the same locations. The delta hypo coherence clears up relatively quickly after the divine healing as does the beta hyper coherence.  However it is clear that the beta hyper coherence is continuing to display significantly abnormal patterns.