sLORETA and Psychological Functioning Impacts from Meditation on Twin Hearts: Differences between novice and experienced meditators

Jeff Tarrant, Ph.D., BCN, DCEP; Neus Raines, Ph.D., Wayne Blinne, MA & Nichole Perez, M.D.

This study investigated the effects of Meditation on Twin Hearts (MTH) on subjects’ self-reported psychological functioning and sLORETA patterns in specified brain regions.  Measures of anxiety, mood and coping self-efficacy were completed pre and post meditation.  Novice and experienced meditators EEG was collected while engaging in a guided version of Meditation on Twin Hearts meditation.
Psychological functioning variables revealed that the experienced meditators reported significantly less anxiety and higher levels of happiness, calmness and coping self-efficacy than the novice group before the MTH.  Pre-post meditation scores for both groups revealed reduced anxiety and increased happiness immediately after MTH with more robust changes in the novice group.

Using sLORETA analyses, experienced meditators showed increased gamma activation in regions related to empathy and focused attention.  The novice meditators showed patterns of decreased activation.